My Vote Matters Merchandising (MVM) is an inclusive apparel merchandising company created to inspire civic engagement and voter efficacy across a modern electorate by merging fashion, political advocacy, and activism. We are a nonpartisan organization that sells voting themed apparel with the main objective of energizing and mobilizing citizens to participate in municipal, state, and federal elections. MVM uses quality garments and simple designs to connect Americans who are committed to actively contributing to democracy with their vote. With our merchandise, people become connected in a visual expression of their commitment. This connectivity will spawn energy and renewed purpose among today’s electorate.


Why does my vote matter?

Voting is central to our country’s democracy and one of the most fundamental aspects of American citizenship. Voting gives us the opportunity to express our desires for our respective towns, states, as well as our country and formulate a vision of what we would like them to look like in the future. Being civically engaged in our own community increases the likelihood that these systems will work in our favor, public servants will champion issues, promote policies, and embrace ideologies more aligned with the people -- us. If we don’t vote we relinquish our power and our rights, the rights for which our country was founded, and for which, historically, some communities have had to fight for. 

How can I  get involved? 

1. Register yourself and others to vote.

2. Visit your county/state board of elections website to see if they have developed plans to conduct safe elections during the COVID-19/Post COVID era.

3. Write your local, state, and federal officials regarding mail in voting/absentee voting.

4. Use our resources tab to find links to your state board of elections office, where there you can find more information about voting in your state.

5. VOTE.

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